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A Whole Pile of Family

Vignettes of our life abroad



The day it started to turn around

Posted on December 18, 2013 at 7:55 AM

Jeff says that no one wants to hear complaining. (Like that has really ever stopped me :)) but his traveling on Abby's and his birthdays and thanksgiving. Emmett's pinky fracture turning into a break near the growth plate and needing surgery (that will be another post), Issues with Emmett's school which lead to social drama and requiring us to look into a new school and then our babysitter canceling on us last minute, so I wouldn't be able to do my spanish lessons. We were in a rut.


Today is December 18 and I feel like our luck is turning around! Maybe it's just time or its grumpas birthday or my friends Pri and Sandhya are visiting. Or jeff got some good news regarding the battle with verizon he had been having.


But today was great. The weather was warm (60's) and sunny. We found a new playground near sagrada familia. Emmett ate a croissant!! (The bakery near us makes one without butter and eggs!!!!!!!). Javier our Spanish tutor (perhaps guardian angel?) has been helping us lots. By speaking Spanish to the kids (and me) and helping us navigate hospitals and schools. And mostly he plays with the kids and gets them laughing. I think I heard Emmett laugh for almost a full hour today.


We met with a school that was nice but language communication would be an issue but she wholeheartedly recommended another school we were already considering. Phew confirmation of our path was what I needed. I have been second guessing myself due to the issues with his current preschool so that was the boost I needed. And we finally got our meeting with kinder his previous preschool. It was like a break up super awkward very uncomfortable but necessary. Jeff (his nickname from Javier is Chulo) took the lead and was his usual diplomatic, stay focused, work the the process self. I only derailed the conversation 2 times :). We will see if they follow through on the agreement however my mind with kinder is at ease. They know and have accepted where they have messed up.


Now it's time to plan for Christmas:). Two days until Munich


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